Open PhD positions to join UAC

The latest round of funding has awarded 14 new projects at UAC. Each of these projects will now recruit a new PhD student to the project, who will also be part of UAC and our research school. 

Here you can find the current open PhD positions and their deadlines. Don't miss this oportunity to join us!

  • PhD position in Medicinal Chemistry. Targeting the surface: new antibiotics against Gram-negative bacteria. Deadline: June 18th. PI: Lindon Moodie. More details and application here.

  • PhD position in Medicinal Chemistry. DNA-encoded compound library-based approach for the discovery of novel LepB binders. Deadline: June 18th. PI: Oskar Verho. More details and application here.


  • PhD student in Business Studies. A stakeholder analysis of the performance of international multi-sectorial partnerships addressing AMR. Deadline March 31st. PI: Olof Lindahl. More details and application here (project 2, in swedish).

  • PhD student in Global Health. AMR-drivers: addressing the distal drivers of AMR through targeted AMR-, or integrated SDG-policy and action? Deadline May 12th. PI: Peter Søgaard Jørgensen. More details and application here.

  • PhD student in Molecular Pharmaceutics at the Department of Pharmacy. A generic nanosized drug delivery platform for optimal absorption of antibiotics with minimal intestinal side effects. Deadline 17th of May. PI: Christel Bergström. More details and application here

  • PhD student in Molecular Microbiology. Type I toxin-antitoxin systems and persister cell formation. Deadline 31st of May. PI: Erik Holmqvist. More details and application here.

  • PhD student in Antimicrobial Resistance & Livestock. Dynamics of antimicrobial resistance. Deadline: 1st of June. PI: Susanna Sternberg Lewerin, at SLU. More details and application here.

  • PhD student in Chemistry with specialization in Organic Chemistry. Development of beta-lactamases inhibitors. Deadline: 1st June. PI: Máté Erdéyi. More details and application here.

  • PhD student in antibiotic resistance. Combination therapy against multi-drug resistance gram negative bacteria. Deadline: 3rd June. PI: Thomas Tängdén. More details and application here (in Swedish, please use translation).

  • PhD student in structural biology. Antibiotic resistance by target binding. Deadline: 4th June. PI: Maria Selmer. More details and application here.


  • PhD position in Medical Bacteriology. Bacterial biofilms and antibiotic resistance.  Deadline: 7th of June. PI: Linus Sandegren. More details and application here.

  • PhD position in Medical Bacteriology. Chromosomal hybrids: A Source of Globally-Spread Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens. Deadline: 7th of June. PI: Diarmaid Hughes. More details and application here.

  • PhD position in infection biology and antibiotic therapy. Modelling of Bacterial Infection and Antibiotic Therapy in Cultured Tissue. Deadline: 10th June. PI: Mikael Sellin. More details and application here.

Last modified: 2021-06-11