About Uppsala Antibiotic Center

Antibiotic resistance is a rapidly expanding global problem. The complexity of the current situation requires novel approaches in all scientific disciplines including new antibiotics, better understanding of resistance development, faster diagnostic methods, new economic models for drug development, global governance and better understanding of how to change behaviour around the use of antibiotics and spread of pathogenic bacteria.

As a complete university, Uppsala University is ideally suited to take lead in this endeavor with broad and internationally renowned research and education within the many research fields needed to address this problem.

Uppsala Antibiotic Center (UAC) was therefore founded by the Vice-Chancellor in 2015 to bring together, stimulate and support research addressing important questions regarding antibiotic resistance from all three disciplinary domains at Uppsala University: Medicine and Pharmacy, Science and Technology and Humanities and Social sciences.

UAC was started with 40 million SEK in funding for 2017–2020 from Uppsala University, and continues its operation with additional 35 mSEK for 2021-2024. In addition, there is a large amount of national and international research funding that researchers connected to UAC have attracted.

At the core of UAC is a research school, and the first UAC funding call aimed to find high quality cross-disciplinary research projects. A panel of international reviewers selected 14 projects. PhD students and researchers from this first round will help shape the research school, but the aim is to involve interested scientists and students from throughout Uppsala University to create a vibrant research environment. Courses within the research school, meetings and workshops arranged by UAC will also be open for other PhD students and researchers with an interest in the problem of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance.

UAC students during lunch breat at one of the workshops

In the coming years, UAC aims to expand and collaborate more broadly within Uppsala, Sweden and internationally.

Last modified: 2021-05-20